ERP Emergency Community Relief Programme

SAP specialist EPI-USE is a company. The Group has a hybrid business model, going
‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’. We run a non-profit called Elephants, Rhinos & People, protecting Elephants and
Rhinos in the wild, through economic upliftment of impoverished rural People in areas near the threatened
species, or another definition of ‘ERP’, if you will. ERP for-profit, ERP non-profit.
In the wake of devastation to poor people in rural areas, caused by the South African government’s coronavirus-
related shutdown, ERP is mobilizing a campaign to feed the hungry in communities near our land projects.  Many
don’t qualify for the inadequate government programs, or the areas have been ignored.  In May, ERP will deliver
250,000 meals to 9 locations near conservation areas where we're leasing land, about to lease land, or in which
we are safeguarding wildlife, with drones and other tech.  The feeding program may be extended to cover an
area in Zimbabwe, where ERP is exploring conservation land opportunities, to set up safe havens for elephants
and rhinos.  
This is not ERP’s first foray into food and nutrition. We already run programs in 3 communities adjacent to our
projects, providing nutritional supplements to orphans, the sick and the elderly. Please visit

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