The plight of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in remote villages, throughout South Africa, and particularly in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), is appalling. Child headed households are surviving without adequate shelter and without adequate food.


Thanks to the sterling fundraising efforts of the late Basil Kransdorf, who was the MD of ePap, funds are raised, for the distribution of ePap to orphans, particularly during long school holidays when the older children are not attending school and don’t have access to at least one meal a day.  This initiative is managed by the Ndumo Orphans committee and Cheryl Ogilvie from Tshwane University, with her team of student assistants who not only assist in the distribution, but also monitor the impact on the recipients. Currently, we feed 450 orphans in Ndumo, and an additional 50 orphans and vulnerable children in Madikwe, where ERP currently has a footprint through various conservation efforts.

In recent times, we embarked on an e’Pap vendor training programme which we launched at the ERP funded Waterberg Welfare Society in Vaalwater, Limpopo. This programme aims to enable the local youth to become e’Pap micro entrepreneurs through learning being trained on the benefits of e’Pap and basic entrepreneurial skills. In this regard, we currently have five micro- entrepreneurs who each received an e’Pap pop up shop to kick start  their business ventures. This is one way we are ensuring that spin offs are realised through the provision of this product in communities we operate in.



How you can make a difference!

When thinking of how you can make life better for these children it is worthwhile to consider that the cost of providing an orphan or vulnerable child with a monthly supply of ePap and food parcels costs around R100.00 – the approximate price of two muffins and two cups of coffee in an average restaurant – food for thought!!

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