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Imagine a life in which you must walk over 3 hours a day just for the “privilege” of being able to attend school. In addition to the vast distance, you cross rugged terrain, endure extreme weather conditions and face possible physical injury.  By the time you return home, you barely have time to do your chores, let alone your homework.

This is a daily reality for many children in rural South Africa, which often leads to frequent absenteeism from school and ultimately dropping out altogether. Without school, the cycle of poverty continues. But we have an immediate, tried and true, solution to this problem.

From June 9 to June 14, ERP is conducting its prelaunch campaign. On Thursday, June 15, ERP’s #BIKES4ERP initiative will be launched via its Indiegogo/Generosity campaign in order to raise funds and awareness to address the solution to this problem.

But we need your help. This is our first attempt at crowdfunding and its success strongly depends on ERP’s online network. As such, our goal is to mobilize all of ERP’s online connections before launching its crowdfunding initiative. This is where you come in. We have the Indiegogo/Generosity prelaunch page ready to be shared and we request that you share it on social media and send it to anyone who you think might be interested in ERP’s #BIKES4ERP initiative. The link to ERP’s Indiegogo/Generosity prelaunch campaign is–2

In addition, we have posted #BIKES4ERP on ERP’s and P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Facebook pages and request that you like and share it.

Lastly, we have created a contest to raise funds and awareness regarding this issue. Simply take a picture with as many people on a bicycle as you can and share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BIKES4ERP. All photos will be posted on Elephants, Rhinos & People’s Facebook page. Those who fit the most people on a bike will win a prize and will be highlighted on ERP’s website and social media.

Thank you very much for helping ERP make the #BIKES4ERP initiative as successful as possible. In the next couple of days, we will provide you with the launch details.