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The agricultural project was established at Sicabazini as the third phase of the Sicabazini Community Development Centre project established by the P.E.A.C.E. Foundation, with private sector funding. The Sicabazini Agricultural Co-operative was registered in 2009 with 50 members and through natural attrition this number has reduced to 23 members i.e 21 females and 2 males, who are very committed to making the project a success. The co-operative is currently utilizing 10ha of land under drip irrigation to produce paprika and chillies , with chillies marketed fresh or dried and processed, the chillies planting is being rotated with cabbage, butternut, potatoes, peanuts and green maize, all high value crops with ready markets. The Cooperatives has been registered as a Second tier cooperative.[codepeople-post-map]