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June is Youth Month in South Africa. This month’s updates also follow a similar theme, and we provide the highlights below.



For Youth Day, Waterberg Waves had a youth outreach programme which looked at the importance of protecting the earth in a sustainable manner for the benefit of both current and future generations. Focus was drawn on the role played by both flora and fauna, including rhinos, snakes, and various bird species in maintaining a natural balance within the ecosystem, and how humans can positively contribute towards this balance. Such outreach programmes are instrumental in providing the Vaalwater community with information pertaining to the role they can play in sustaining the environment, whilst also consolidating the ERP mission in this community.




The month of June also saw Waterberg Waves FM celebrating World environment month under the theme “there is only one earth” The celebrations came in four ways, which included two radio interviews: one where Letticia was interviewed on Waterberg with the second one when Letticia interviewed Tebogo from Marakele National Park. The other two parts took the form of two physical events, with the one being a celebration at Mabula village and the last being in Phagameng township in Modimolle. Additionally, the radio station also celebrated World Ocean Day, with the focus being on the recent KZN floods and the negative impact these have had on both biodiversity and human population and safety. Letticia also touched on the water pollution aspect caused by the floods, and the long term effects of this on various ocean water bodies. Letticia’s programmes also stressed on the conservation of both Elephants and Rhinos and the role that the conservation of wildlife plays in the South African tourism economy. This part had an outreach element to it, as the radio station team visited Segole village which is in the process of addressing human wildlife conflict, following their recent encounters with wild animals that attack their livestock.



Following on our report from last month, we are pleased to update that the Cooperative finished  harvesting the chillies, which gave them a total of 143 bags. In order to finish the process timeously, the Cooperative hired casual labour and this expedited the  harvesting. With the guidance from both Portia Morudi and Edward Malu, the Cooperative planted chia plants, which have already begun growing and blossoming. These were planted as a trial run, and the results will inform us on the suitability of growing this plant in Gazini as forage for the bees with a view to producing a highly nutritious new brand of honey. Due to the winter season the honey production, as expected, has not been as prolific as it would be in the summer.   All beehives have been inspected and are all well mounted and in position to produce honey, prolifically, in the oncoming summer season.



We express our gratitude to PETCO (PET Recycling Company of South Africa) for once again supporting our Cooperative through the provision of personal protective clothing. This much appreciated gesture came at a time when the Cooperative needed it in time for the winter season. With regard to their waste collection activities, the Cooperative sold over 5 tonnes of mixed waste during the month of June. This gave them a great financial boost, enabling them to continue with their various day to day activities of collecting, sorting, and selling waste materials.



A total of 51 students were impacted through various interventions at the IT lab, including the basic IT training sessions. In addition, the Centre continued to push its IT training with local church members, ensuring that no one is left behind regarding accessing information during this digital era. The major challenge we have faced, however, has been the rapid power cuts owing to the loadshedding schedules being rolled out across South Africa.



We continue to fundraise for more funds for e’Pap to care for the 450 orphans at Ndumo, who even during this winter period, may go for days without having a decent meal. Raising these funds remains a challenge, but no amount is too small towards this initiative. Please consider donating to this cause by following the link below: